Safety Footwear


We offer a wide range of safety footwear under the Click brand

It is important to choose the correct footwear for your specific work enviroment. Within the Footwear Standard EN345 the numbers and letters after the EN345 denote additional features needed depending on the enviroment in which the footwear is to be used.

  • SB - Safety Basic has all the features required to pass the standard
  • SBP - As SB with pierce resistant midsole
  • S1 - As SB with ant-static sole and cushioned heel area
  • S1P - As S1 with pierce resistant midsole
  • S2 - As S1 with water resistant upper
  • S3 - As S2 with pierce resistant midsole

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PUR - PU Rubber dual density sole. Extra grip and heat resistant (300° C)