Fire Fighter Helmets and Hoods



A range of modern fire fighting helmets meeting the needs of professional fire fighter for different specific fire fighting conditions

FHSTL Structural premium fire fighter helmet EN433. M.E.D.Certified

FHMAR: Marine Fire fighting helmet M.E.D Certified

FHWLDR: Multi purpose helmet for wildland firefighting, rescue services and industry

FHSAR: Multi role search an rescue helmet  - En Certications for many uses.



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Structural Fire Fighter Helmet

Product no.: FHFIRE.05

High specification for extreme conditions.

  • To1000°C flash.
  • Full shell B/3b helmet
  • Wide range of accesories.
  • EN443, EN166

Marine MED Firefighter Helmet

Product no.: FHMAR

Designed for marine fire fighting

  • Extreme temperature resistance
  • M.E.D. Certified
  • Retractable visor
  • Aluminised neck protector
  • EN 433

Wildland and Rescue Firefighter Helmet

Product no.: FHWLDR

Wildland and Rescue Services.

  • High impact resistance.
  • Head padding for comfort.
  • EN 16471, EN 16473
  • Optional visor.

SAR Search and Rescue Helmet

Product no.: FHSAR

Multi role technical Search and Rescue helmet

  • Multi EN Certifiction.
  • Internal eye-shield.
  • Adjustable head band.
  • Visors, ear muffs and torch.

Anti-flash Fire Fighter Hood

Product no.: FAFHOOD

Fire Retardant Knitted Anti-flash Hood

  • 50% Kermel, 50% Lenzing or 100% Aramid
  • Navy Blue or Grey
  • EN 13911

One Size

AMBER V7 RTC Ambulance Helmet. White

Product no.: AMBERV7 WH
  • NHS supplied.
  • With draw string bag.
  • Vented top - Reflective strips.
  • Flip down visor.
  • Rotary ratchet  52 to 64 cm.
  • Intergral torch clip.
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