TYVEX Coveralls

CHEMICAL PROTECTIVE CLOTHING CATEGORY 111 - Limited Life                                 


Definition and Exposure level

 TYPE 1   
 Gas Tight Suits
 TYPE 1 - Protection against  hazardous gases, liquids, aerosols and solid  particles
 TYPE 1-ET - Performance requirements for emergency teams
 EN 943-1
 EN 943-2
 Air Fed Non-Gas Tight Suits
 Protection against  hazardous gases, liquids, aerosols and solid particles
 EN 943-1
 Liquid Tight Suits
 Protection against liquid chemicals and exposure to pressurised liquids
 EN 14605
 Spray Tight Suits
 Protection against liquid sprayed chemicals (unpressurised) and aerosols
 EN 14605
 Protection against solid particulates
 Protection against dusts and solid airbourne particulates
 EN ISO13982-1
 TYPE 6 
 Suits offering limited protection against liquid chemicals
 Protection against small quantities of fine spay and minor splashes of irritant
 chemicals and cross contamination
 EN 13034
Antistatic - Protection against radioactive contamination - Limited flame spread - Protection against infective agents
TYVEK® Coveralls
TYVEK®  is a unique nonwoven fabric that comes with inherent protection. Designed for an optimal balance of protection, durability and comfort. From spray painting to lead and abestos handling, and protection against chemical splash.
TYVEK® Accessories
Specially designed to be used with Tyvek® clothing, TYVEK® accessories can help offer enhanced protection for body parts that are more exposed to hazardous substances, or to protect processes from contamination.

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Tyvek 500 Xpert - White

Product no.: Tyvek-CXPW
Disposable Type 5 + 6 Protection.
  • Liquid and particulate protection.
  • Breathable.
  • Ergonomic shape.
Increment 25 + 100 + 400 +
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